Sizechange - Camille's Rampage 2

Sizechange – Camille’s Rampage 2

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Sizechange – Camille’s Rampage 2 309 pages

Camille wants to use her shrink ray again. She decides to get rid of Katie and then shrinks herself down to mess around with the city that’s even smaller than her. Chase walks in the room and is amused to find a tiny Camille on the desk, he messes around with the shrink ray, shrinking Camille smaller a few times before accidentally shrinking himself too. Camille and Chase start yelling at each other before Susan comes in. She finds the shrink ray too and accidentally grows herself slightly bigger. This caused her to drop the shrink ray, which explodes, growing the city back to normal…

Sizechange - Camille's Rampage 2

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