RedFireDog - Vixen

RedFireDog – Vixen

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RedFireDog – Vixen 1381 pages

Emily bought a mysterious Ankh amulet years ago, unaware that a powerful spirit dwelled inside of it. Then one fateful day, the amulet broke, and the spirit inhabited Emily’s body. With the powerful spirit inside of her, Emily is transformed…

Possessed with new power, Emily swallows her co-workers one after another with her mouth and her pussy, growing bigger each time! Soon she’s as big as a room, and she crashes a conference meeting, crushing one co-worker between her breasts before swallowing two others! Then she outgrows the building itself, and steps onto the streets. The police try to take her down, but she grows even larger, and it turns out to be the biggest mistake they could make…

RedFireDog - Vixen

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