An Lis Ass Emporium Daddys Gimp Full Movie

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It’s playtime with Mistress Blunt and her slutty little gimp! Watch a very real double session with Mistress Blunt while we transform her gimp into total utter helplessness.

We open the bathroom doors to reveal the gimp kneeling in place with a rubber gas mask and double rebreathers restricting his breathing, slowly sucking air in and out of the rebreather bags while his oxygen dwindles away. He wears a latex jock strap, stockings, and patent leather pumps locked at the ankle strap, and his arms are restrained behind him in leather mitts. We begin lubing him up, shining his rubber hood, rebreather bags, and jock strap.

He’s so easy to tease in this heightened state. Sliding our slippery hands over his latex-covered cock, scratching and slapping his chest, tightening our fingers around his throat – he moans because he can’t help himself. His body is entirely at our mercy as his breathing capability diminishes with every breath, and we take advantage of him every second of the way, pinching, probing, grabbing, and playing with his senses.

After we pour water over his shiny body, he’s pushed to the ground and facesat by Mistress Blunt while she teases him with her breasts. He struggles on the ground, my boot on him while he tries to squirm into position.

And then, the true crux of the transformation begins.

First, eyelashes and eyeliner, dolling him up into the pretty fuckslut we want him to be. Second, black out sclera lenses on his eyes, completely inhibiting his vision in any sort of way. Third, lipstick. And finally? Super glue (cyanoacrylate) on his lips, gluing his cute little mouth shut entirely. Because do you really need to talk or see if you’re Step-Daddy’s gimp?

A documentary-like transformation into Step-Daddy’s gimp.

Part II.

What do Mistress Blunt and I like to do with gimps? We like to make them cry!

After Mistress Blunt and I have dolled and gimpified our plaything up, it’s time for a beating. He’s entirely helpless now – he can’t see because of the blackout sclera contacts in his eyes and his mouth is glued shut. He’s not much of a human anymore. He’s only a gimp.

And as a gimp, he needs to be beaten into submission to remind himself of the utter futility of his position. He needs to be whipped, caned, strapped, poked, prodded, and pinched, not knowing when it’s coming and how hard it will be coming. Left to his own blindness and muteness, he will be pummeled down into complete and total weakness.

Some implements for cruelty include: singletail whip, leather strap paddle, flogger, cane, electric taser, and of course, our hands.

And when we’re done? We syringe-feed him a glass of our nectar, parting his lips open with the syringe so that he has no choice but to suck down our essence. And then back he is back in the darkness, bathroom doors closed so that he’s left alone to his own mental .

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An Lis Ass Emporium  Daddys Gimp  Full Movie

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