An Lis Ass Emporium Puny and Weak In Between My Thighs

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Listen up, twerp. You’re weak, you’re small, and you’re pathetic. I could squish you like a fly. I can crack your weird tiny skull in between my thick, muscular thighs, and you wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. Just look at you.

Does the view down there look good? You’re so close to my ass and pussy, but you’ll never have it. The only thing that separates your face from my crotch is this thin, sheer pantyhose that covers it. But you’re too weak to get anywhere near it. My powerful scissorhold makes sure of that.

It’s so easy to throw you around in a scissorhold. I can twist your head every which way with my legs and your body will follow. I like watching your face get red and then purple, knowing that I’m squeezing every last breath out of you. I like feeling you struggle in between my clenched thighs, knowing that you can’t do anything to escape it.

You’re weak, and I think it’s hilarious. Just a puny, weak bitch trapped in between my legs.

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An Lis Ass Emporium  Puny and Weak In Between My Thighs

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