An Lis Ass Emporium RUINED ORGASMS Schoolgirl With a Sleepsack Complete

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Part 1 I don’t know if you’ve noticed me, but I noticed you.
I first saw you at the gym working out, and I thought to myself, “I’m going to have that man.” So I decided I would do it.
I broke into your house, dropped a little something in your water while you were taking a shower, and waited.
When you , I was ready to take control of you.
I knew exactly what I wanted to do with that cute little face of yours.
I knew right where it belonged from the moment I saw it: my ass.
So once you’re , I’m going to wake you up and smother you.
I’m going to facesit you and use you how I please.
I’m going to squash your cute little face until you just can’t breathe.
And with you bound ever-so-tightly, you won’t be able to fight back.
You won’t be able to see me, touch me, or do anything about it.
It’?l be my little secret.
Good thing all schoolgirls carry sleepsacks with them to men, right? Featuring: bondage setup, bondage male, leather bondage, leather restraints, schoolgirl outfit, intox, coerced intox, smothering, facesitting, ass worship, ass fetish, Goddess worship, Asian princess, tease and denial, edging, breathplay Category: FACE SITTING Related Categories: ASS SMOTHERING, BONDAGE MALE, ASS WORSHIP, FEMDOM, SMOTHER.
Keywords: ass fetish, booty, schoolgirl, sleepsack, sensory deprivation, female domination, female supremacy, goddess worship, an li, mistress an li, dominatrix an li, step-daddy an li, asian mistress, asian goddess, ass sniffing Part 2 Since you failed my last smother test (you really couldn’t hold your breath well, could you?), I’m back for more.
You’re still obviously quite excited, and I just came up with a fun little plan… I’m going to toy with your cock.
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, but clearly quite aroused by my ass on your face (and you can’t even see me through blindfold, you just have to feel me and smell me) – why waste an opportunity like this? After all, I think you’re cute.
I might as well give you a second chance.
Can you feel my hands beginning to stroke up and down on your cock? Can you smell my ass and pussy on your face? Can you feel my toes resting on your face, using your head as my personal ottoman? I can feel you getting hard between my fingers.
You feel like you’re so close.
Go ahead…cum if you can.
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An Lis Ass Emporium RUINED ORGASMS Schoolgirl With a Sleepsack Complete

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