Miss Jasmine starring in video She always Finds a Way to his Balls of Club Stiletto studio

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Miss Jasmine is with one of her loyal slaves whose balls she has used relentlessly over the years.
“I have never trampled this one in heals though” she comments.
It’s time to see what she can take and wouldn’t it be lovely to have some deep heel grooves in him to go along with his battered balls and tram lines from his frequent beatings? Of course.
She steps up on the slave and instantly you can see he is in great pain.
Those long stiletto heels are sharp and Jasmine has no problem putting her full weight on those tips.
She steps on his stomach and chest and then almost instinctively brings one heel to his testicles.
“I always find a way to his balls” she says with a giggle.
The slave tries to curl up to minimize the pain but she orders him to straighten his legs.
She then walks across his torso again before sitting down to remove her boots.
“I want to do some jumping” she says.
What an amazing view for the slave as he now looks up and see’s his Goddess dancing on him.
“I like human dance floors” she says as she steps up too his chest and looks down at him in pain below here.
Now she runs across the room to jump on the slave and then again steps on his nuts.
More jumping and dancing and the slave is really grunting and sweating profusely.
She again sits down on the bench and asks the slave “How is that for a little warmup?” The slave groans, looking to be completely spent, Jasmine hops back on him for some more.
She’s done when she decides she is done.

Miss Jasmine starring in video She always Finds a Way to his Balls of Club Stiletto studio

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