The Mean Girls Ass Mask. Starring Princess Amber Trampling

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It was a beautiful day outside so Princess Amber and I decided we wanted to go outside and play with one of our slaves.
We went out on our patio and got all the restraints in place.
Then we discussed which slave we would pay attention to.
We happened to have our ball busting slave still locked up in our garage from the ball torture we gave it the night before.
We went down into the garage and asked it if it wanted to get outside.
It begged us to let it go! it complained that it’s balls still hurt from the night before…Lol! We told it how beautiful it was outside and that it was wasting the day locked away in the dingy garage.
We convinced it that it should come enjoy this perfect weather on the patio playing games with us…it was stupid enough to believe us! When we finally let it outside the sun blinded it from being locked up in the dark garage for so long.
Once we drug the slave up to the patio, we shoved it onto our patio bed where we set up the handcuffs and hid them under the cushions.
We restrained it so there was no way it could get away from us… Not that it would want to, but we needed to make sure it can’t wiggle and move while we had some fun.
Lol! Princess Amber and I decided that since it’s balls were already bruised and broken we would play a little game to see how long it could hold its breath.
We didn’t want to abuse it’s grimy little balls and make them fall all the way off.
It would be completely useless to us without any balls.
we love to kick, beat and all around torture.
Princess Amber and I took turns sitting on our slaves ugly face while the other Mean Girl trampled it’s body and chest, kicked its sad little dick, stood on it’s arms and gagged it with our feet….
That pathetic freak was lucky we even payed attention to it… AND two days in a rowwwwww! wow!!!! I’m sure that thing thought it won the lottery or something.
Hahaha Creatures like it know that the only way they will ever get a chance to have perfect woman like us pay attention to them is if we can treat them like complete k9 logs and take all their money.
We are actually doing a reallllly good deed.
We give all these inadequate, measly, weak, pathetic excuses for the male breed a reason to live..
We are like saints or something.
Bahaha **Watch this clip to see our fun in the sun.** After spending some much needed time out in the sun, playing slave games, we left the broken slave there cuffed while we got ready for our hot dates.
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The Mean Girls Ass Mask. Starring Princess Amber Trampling

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