The Mean Girls Under My Hot New Heels. Starring Princess Amber Trampling

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OMG I like get soooooo many pairs of hot new heels from pathetic losers every single day.
I love shoes so it works out great for me.
One of my slaves must have been patiently waiting all night then all the next day till I finally got home from one of my boyfriends houses.
Lol! What a good little bitch! I actually totally forgot that I had told it to bring all my new packages of shoes up to my room and wait for me, before I left.
This is perfect because now I get to try on all my brand new, super hot pairs of heels then walk all over this freak to see which ones I love the most.
That is where it belongs anyways, under my perfect feet, like dirt! HAHAAAAha This worthless submissive piece of garbage is so lucky that I even take time out of my busy day to I guess kind of acknowledge it’s existence… I mean I could care less if it was deeaad or alive and I hate it, but I do thoroughly enjoy watching it suffer.
Anywayssss… back to me, the only thing that actually matters.
I had this slave open my new shoes one by one and I tried them on.
I walked around in them while it drooled at my perfect feet, then I made it lay down and I walked all over it.
Each pair of these heels looked like they would hurt like hell if they were digging into like flesh, not that I would know.
LOL! I was laughing so hard at this door mat when I asked it which shoes were its favorite and which ones hurt the most while my hot heels were sinking deeper and deeper into its chest.
Hahaha it sounded like it was actually dying.
What a little bitch!!! You know here at the Mean Girl Manor we are always looking for new slaves to use and abuse.
I think Aunt Platinum is even looking for a few more live in slaves.
If you think that you would be a good little house keeping slave or even a really obedient errand bitch for us mean girls you should definitely send us a message on our American Mean Girls site.
Maybe you could one day be lucky enough to breath the same air as us.
Lol! <3 Princess Amber <3 Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, The Mean Girls, Princess Amber, Young Mistress, High Heels, Trampling, Trample, Foot Fetish, Sub Training, Slave Training, Submissive Training, Shoe Fetish, Foot Slave Training, The Mean Girls Club, AmericanMeanGirls, MiamiMeanGirls File Name :  The Mean Girls – Under My Hot New Heels. [url=][img alt="The Mean Girls Under My Hot New Heels. Starring Princess Amber Trampling"][/img][/url]

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