confiado - Office Prank (Remake)

confiado – Office Prank (Remake)

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confiado – Office Prank (Remake) 379 pages

For three years, Natalie has made Kelly’s life a living hell at work! Natalie has been constantly spreading rumors about Kelly and getting her into trouble with mean and cruel office pranks. Kelly has repeatedly tried to say that it wasn’t her fault, but Natalie’s father is the CEO of the company. So she is always getting away with it, being “Daddy’s little angel”. Well, Kelly is finally had enough of this, and plans to take matters into her own hands. Thanks to a strange device Kelly found online, she’s going to finally cut Natalie down to size! But is everything going to go according to plan? Or will things backfire on Kelly? Find out in Office Prank.

confiado - Office Prank (Remake)

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