CubaGTS - Growing Sister 25

CubaGTS – Growing Sister 25

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The comic book CubaGTS – Growing Sister 25 is a fetish exploration of the Giantess. It is a world in which the giant form of a woman is idolized and adored by society, and the comic book shows how this is possible. In this story, the main character is a young woman named Cuba. She is a giantess, and through her powers, she is capable of making herself and those around her grow to giant size.

Cuba is an incredibly strong woman who is feared and respected by many. However, she has a sweet and caring side that is rarely seen. She is a protector of her town and will always put herself in harm’s way in order to save others. She also loves children and often tries to help them in any way she can.

CubaGTS- Growing Sister 25 is a unique take on the Giantess fetish. It shows how such a powerful figure can be both a hero and an object of love. The comic book explores the idea of giantess sexuality and the potential for erotic play. In addition, it shows how giantesses can protect the innocent and still be objects of desire. It is a comic book that is sure to please both giantess fans and those who just like a good story.

CubaGTS - Growing Sister 25

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