JOB - Giantess For a Day

JOB – Giantess For a Day

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JOB – Giantess For a Day 219 pages

Katy and Jo work Hard… perhaps a little too hard.

They work dead end jobs, for minimum wage and it shows. They live in a dump, and they almost never get to have any fun.

But they wouldn’t change a thing.

Becuase Katy and Jo love to holiday, more than anything else, and they’ll save every spare penny they can to make sure their holidays are perfect.

But in this world, Katy and Jo don’t holiday in the sun, sea and sand. They holiday to another dimension. The amount of money Katy and Jo spend determine how large they will grow in the other dimension, and this year, Katy and Jo have saved enough for a really, really big holiday.

Katy and Jo are going to cut loose like never before, and what happens on holiday… stays on holiday!

JOB - Giantess For a Day

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