Libra - Commission - Aruna's Wedding

Libra – Commission – Aruna’s Wedding

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The comic book Libra – Commission – Aruna’s Wedding Night is a thrilling exploration of the Giantess fetish. This comic focuses on newlywed Aruna, a giantess from a small Indian village. On her wedding night, Aruna has an unexpected encounter with a mysterious man who requests that she perform certain special services for him. This man is a powerful figure known as the Libra Commission, and he’s come to make a special request of Aruna: that she become the consort of a mighty monster known as an Erinye.

Aruna is hesitant at first, but the Libra Commission persuades her to accept his offer. He tells her that the Erinye are powerful creatures, and that Aruna will be granted immense power and strength if she agrees to become the Erinye’s consort. Intrigued by the possibilities, Aruna accepts the Libra Commission’s offer and sets out on a voyage of exploration and self-discovery.

As the comic progresses, we learn more about the Erinye and their incredible powers. We also learn about Aruna’s own journey of self-discovery as she gradually embraces her newfound strength and power. What’s more, she discovers a newfound sense of freedom and control that comes from being a giantess. Her newfound power, however, also comes with a sense of responsibility. She must protect her newfound family from the enemies they will face on their journey.


Libra - Commission - Aruna's Wedding

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