Mr. Armon - Thea's New friend

Mr. Armon – Thea’s New friend

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Mr. Armon – Thea’s New friend 47 pages

Thea had always been fascinated by tiny things. But she never expected to fall in love with someone who was smaller than her hand.

Leo had been a normal guy until he crossed paths with a group of evil people who practiced dark magic. They cursed him to shrink until he was barely visible, and left him to fend for himself in a cruel world. He thought his life was over, until he met Thea.

Thea and Leo felt an instant connection, and decided to work together to find a way to break the curse. But they faced many dangers and obstacles. And they had to deal with Thea’s sister Kara, who was skeptical of their relationship and refused to help them at first. But as they embarked on their quest, they discovered that love can overcome any challenge, no matter how big or small.

Mr. Armon - Thea's New friend

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