RedFireDog - Kaylee 22

RedFireDog – Kaylee 22

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RedFireDog – Kaylee 22 185 pages

Krystal destroys San Francisco and grows seven miles high, in an epic chapter of Kaylee!

Krystal is desperate to get to her daughters in Los Angeles, but she lacks the energy to make the journey. Krystal finds herself in San Francisco, which she recognizes after seeing the Golden Gate Bridge. Krystal picks up the bridge, lifting it above her head and devouring the people and cars that tumble down… but that’s just the start of her epic rampage! She stomps through the city, flattening city blocks with each step. She sits down and picks up a skyscraper, using it to pleasure herself and grow even bigger! Then, she crawls across the city, smashing skyscrapers with her huge, pendulous breasts. She gets so turned on that she touches herself while she lays across the city, causing another growth spurt! But even after all that, the story is just getting started when Kaylee returns to Los Angeles…

RedFireDog - Kaylee 22

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