SizeChange - Lisa in Wonderland

SizeChange – Lisa in Wonderland

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SizeChange – Lisa in Wonderland 189 pages

Lisa falls asleep in the forest and has a crazy adventure of growth and shrinking. She first arrives in the gymnasium and encounters the classic “Alice in Wonderland” scene where she is first too big for the door, then too small for the key, then too big again. After this, Lisa arrives shrunken in her own house. Her Mom and brother are waiting for her and demand why she is late for dinner. Lisa then finds a mushroom and grows to giant size, making Chase and her Mom look tiny on the table in their house. Lisa then is transported to the magic forest where she is small again. She finds a forest fairy who explains the mushrooms can grow and shrink people. Lisa grows back to normal size and goes to the magical kingdom. A guard finds her and escorts Lisa to the giant Queen. The Queen makes tiny Lisa lick her feet, but then Lisa remember the mushrooms she put down her shirt. She eats both mushrooms, growing to massive size at first. After a bit, the other mushroom kicks in and shrink Lisa down to micro sized in front of the giant Queen. Lisa then wakes up from her nap back to normal…or is she?

SizeChange - Lisa in Wonderland

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