TetsuGTS - New Pleaser Shoes

TetsuGTS – New Pleaser Shoes

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TetsuGTS – New Pleaser Shoes 727 pages

TetsuGTS – New Pleaser Shoes is a comic book that explores the fetish of giantess. It tells the story of a young man, Tetsu, as he discovers his love of giantesses.

When Tetsu’s job as an assistant shoe designer leads him to working with a giant model, his life takes a distinct turn toward exploring his love of giantesses. He is captivated by the attractive woman wearing the giantess shoes he is designing, and soon finds himself deep in the world of giantesses.

Tetsu quickly discovers that giantesses do not just look great, they can also be powerful and arousing. With the help of a giantess fetish magazine he acquires, he begins to experiment with sensual and passionate scenes featuring giantesses. He is soon caught up in his own fantasies of giantess erotica, exploring every aspect of the giantess fetish.

The comic follows Tetsu as he learns about the giantess fetish from others in the scene. It also follows his journey as he acquires more giantess shoes for his own enjoyment and begins to design shoes designed specifically for giantesses.

TetsuGTS – New Pleaser Shoes is a highly entertaining comic book that explores the sexual fetish of giantesses. It is an engrossing tale of exploration and discovery, one that will appeal to readers of all kinds. Whether you are looking for a new fetish to explore, or just want to find out more about

TetsuGTS - New Pleaser Shoes

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