Abbie Cat Fetish Trampling on My New Slave

Published on 02.02.2022 by

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I trample my new slave First time!! (I mean that FOR HIM this is the very first trampling!!) So this is a very special video! I did it many times but he is the weakest pathetic loser slave who I trampled! Before the clip he said oooh it cant be so painful… So I thought ok lets give it a try.
Im jumping and bouncing on him, kicking him, humiliating, standing on his throat sometimes, standing on his face, make him to lick my feet, footgagging, footslapping etc… At the end I spit into his mouth because he deserves these!! I think I dont need to say; after this video he said that he felt he will die during this trampling!..
I wanted to trample him harder but this pathetic shiiit didnt stand with it..

Abbie Cat Fetish Trampling on My New Slave

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