An Lis Ass Emporium Leather Strapped

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Some days I need to beat a slave until his ass is on fire.
It makes me happy, and it makes him hurt.
And under my rule, all slaves should hurt.
I put my slave face down, ass up, bent over the chair, and have him present his ass to me for a proper punishment.
Today’s implement is a leather strap – more specifically, a narrow but thick leather belt, heavy from years of use on men’s asses.
I want his ass a different color when I’m done with him.
I unrelentingly belt him again and again, smiling each time he groans or winces.
My strokes are judicial, full strength strokes – why waste my time holding back? He’s just a slave, after all.
It’s a hard task staying in place when my straps are whipping him across his ass nonstop, and I’m so pleased that he has to fight against his baser male instincts to run and hide.
Features: corporal punishment, belting, strapping, whipping, spanking f/m, femdom, female domination, female supremacy, slave training, cruel punishments, strict BDSM Category: STRAPPING Related Categories: WHIPPING, SPANKING, SPANKING F/M, FEMDOM, FEMALE DOMINATION.

An Lis Ass Emporium Leather Strapped

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