Carmen Rivera Gummi Geil Part

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In Lady McLaine’s rubber clinic all patients must undergo strict special therapies.
Baronessa Carmen administers an aromatic inhalation to the patient no.
1 with her noble champagne while Lady Sahara deeply examines his rectal ailment.
Now, the chronic respiratory distress of patient no.
2 is first treated naturally by facesitting.
His hard and horny cock still doesn’t soften even after an electric therapy so Lady McLaine takes matters into her own hands and milks him to the last drop.
Subsequently, the three mistresses are expecting visitors from London.
Queer Mistress Cara including her rubber doll and latex-boy enriches the scene with an extra dose of English raunchiness.
Champagne straight from the source, blow-job training, and massive anal dildo operation are just their warm-up.
Then Baronessa’s fist attacks queer Lady Cara’s hungry bowels.
Finally, the queer cumshots round off the raunchy afternoon with the hottest Mistresses of the planet.

Carmen Rivera Gummi Geil Part

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