Countess Jezebeth starring in video Trapped In Love

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Download Video k2s Onyx Kim – in giantess facesitting

You’re here with Me and usually that means one thing.. you cannot leave. In a second, I entrance you with My eyes, lock you in and keep you here with Me. You’re unable to escape My stare and it puts you right back at the beginning. You’ll stay under My spell and yearn for Me like always. You’ll fall even deeper than before. You look so deep in My eyes and you feel Me with you, you feel Me touch you, you feel Me take you. You cannot look away. You love Me and you cannot resist it. Keywords: eye fixation, blue eyes, in love, love addiction, eye contact
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Blue Eyes, Eye Contact, Eye Fixation, Eyes, Goddess Worship, Love Addiction, Lovestruck

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Onyx Kim - in giantess facesitting

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