Domina Planet Ass Cleaning Maggot. Starring Queen Aryal

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Queen Aryal opens it up looking hot in Her “patriotic” outfit, wearing a bright blue corset, red stockings and a military cap.
She has the slave tied up on his back with his head in Her queening chair.
She stands over him with Her bare, beautiful shaved pussy teasingly above his face, directly in his line of sight.
She tells him: “Take a look at the center of your world, slave.
You’re gonna clean my hairy ass today.
My boyfriend likes me to shave my pussy so he can go down on me, but not my ass, slave.
It’s extra hairy and not very clean.
I hope you like dingleberries!” She lowers Her asshole onto the slave’s mouth, ordering him: “Get busy maggot, see if you can taste what I had for dinner last night.
This is YOUR dinner tonight.” She arrogantly puts Her feet up on top of the ass-munching slave, who is having a hard time breathing because Her full weight is on his mouth via Her sacred anus.
She keeps pushing down, harder and harder, he’s struggling and slurping noisily.
His tongue is moving in and out and Her asshole hairs are getting coated with his spit, proving that he’s been doing his job.
“Floss your fucking teeth on my asshole hairs, slave.
I better not find a single berry left in the patch!” She starts to actually smother the slave now, making him struggle and gasp, but She orders him to get busy with his tongue.
She pushes down so hard his chin and lips almost touch Her pussy.
Her ass is getting really wet now and She tells him: “Slurp it down slave, I want you to dr*wn in my ass juices!” He starts crying after She him some more with breath control.
Smothering him and telling him: “Don’t you complain you little bitch – get you tongue in FARTHER.
Tongue fuck my asshole” He starts going in and out, in and out with his tongue, only to be smothered again.
Finally, after he appears ready to pass out She tells him: “Ok maggot, I need to cum so you’re going to have the rare privilege of eating my pussy – after I wash your filthy mouth with my piss” Category: ASS SMOTHERING Related Categories: ASS EATING, ASS HUMILIATION, ASS WORSHIP, HAIRY ASS.

Domina Planet Ass Cleaning Maggot. Starring Queen Aryal

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