Empress Jennifer starring in video Ice Cream Trample

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I don’t know why but lately all I want to do is eat junk food LOL.
I wonder if My slave can feel any difference when I step on him with My new sharp triangular heels.
They have a razor sharp point on three sides like I have never seen in any other shoe.
Ive actually been wanting to test them out on My slave for a while now and what better time than when I’m finishing off a bucket of ice cream HAHA.
I think Ill just stand here and get fatter and fatter and see how bad I can make it for My slave.
I’m determined to get as fat as a cow if not for any other reason but to sink My heels deeper and deeper into his chest till he gives out! I don’t care how long it takes I can eat this whole container if I want to.

Empress Jennifer starring in video Ice Cream Trample

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