Fetish Cartel SISSY TRAINING Venom Sisters Sissy Humiliation Foot Worship

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The Venom Sisters, Nika and Scarlett are sitting on the couch in sexy lingerie.
Nika is telling Scarlett about her sissy slave.
Scarlett can hardly believe it, so Nika brings her in.
She is wearing a pink baby bodysuit and skirt with striped pink and white socks and white platform heels.
Nika makes her crawl in and then makes her stand and do a twirl for Scarlett.
She then makes her sissy do a curtsy and when it’s not good enough makes her do another.
The girls think this sissy is so hilarious and laugh at her throughout the clip.
Nika decides to make the sissy lift up her skirt and twerk while the girls crack up laughing.
Then it’s time for foot worship.
The sissy must worship the girl’s feet.
Lick their soles, suck their toes and run her tongue in every crack.
The girls also gag the sissy with their feet.
After a while, Nika is telling Scarlett how small the sissy’s dick is.
She doesn’t believe it.
They make the sissy take it out and they are both dying laughing, it’s so pathetic and small.
Then it’s back to more foot worship and gagging.
Nika decides they should kneel on the couch to give the sissy better access to their soles.
But it also gives you a better view of their amazing asses.
The sissy continues to worship soles and toes and also some gagging.
Finally, Nika finishes it off by gagging the slave, grabbing her pigtails and pulling her head to gag her more.

Fetish Cartel SISSY TRAINING Venom Sisters Sissy Humiliation Foot Worship

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