Filth Fetish Studios Princess Lexi Facesitting Compilation

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This COMPILATION Features FOUR VIDEOS with our Guest Model PRINCESS LEXI! Contracted Facesitting: In this video, she had literally just arrived and is signing her contract to begin modeling! there is only one problem… She had thought that she would get to sit on someone’s face while she did the paperwork! Jimmy explains that the face sitting comes later, BUT SHE WANTS IT NOW! Lexi reads over her contract while SMOTHERING JIMMY WITH HER BIG BOOTY! She covers his face COMPLETELY with her BIG ASS.
Jimmy has to PHYSICALLY LIFT HER so he can breathe!! Lexi will be one of your favorites for sure! she is BRATTY, SPOILED AND DEMANDING! Coffee Complaining And Human Seats: It is early in the morning as Valentina and Lexi relax with some cups of coffee! The are chatting about some men they have and drained! The camera pans to show they are SITTING ON TWO SLAVES FACES! The slaves are underneath HUMAN STOOLS with their faces SMOTHERED UNDER ASS! You get a direct back view of each slave as they STRUGGLE AND GASP UNDER ASS, all while the two women IGNORE AND SMOTHER THEM! They BOUNCE AND WIGGLE their BIG ASSES until the slaves can’t take anymore! I’m Not Standing Until I Win: Princess Lexi is getting ready for a Gaming Session, except she has a reluctant little seat! Her seat is always complaining about having her BIG BUTT in its face! Well today, she is not gonna stand until she wins! She BOUNCES AND CRUSHES the living seat as she plays her game, GRINDING HIS NOSE into her ass crack! She COMPLETELY covers his face with her ass multiple times as she carelessly sits! The video ends with a short POV ass tease, Princess Lexi shows you her PERFECT ASS! But you will need to pay for a bit more Wrapped Compressed And Smothered: Corinne and Lexi are feeling energetic! They grab their slave, RIP OFF HIS CLOTHES and then begin SPINNING him while they wrap him with plastic wrap! They coat his ENTIRE body multiple times, head to toe, leaving only a mouth and nose hole to breath through! The video gets good when they LOWER HIM DOWN into the SMOTHERBOX! He CAN’T MOVE AN INCH! Both women take turns SMOTHERING HIM with their BIG FAT ASSES while the other tramples his chest and stomach! Lexi and Corinne even do SQUATS WHILE TRAMPLING HIM! After they have gotten a nice little sweat on, Both of them decide to STRIP DOWN, giving the slave a nice fresh dose of SWEATY ASS! He can’t do anything but SNIFF IN AND OUT as they JUMP AND CRUSH HIS CHEST! Category: FACE SITTING Related Categories: CHEST SITTING, ASS SMOTHERING, TRAMPLING, HUMAN FURNITURE, ASS SMELLING.

Filth Fetish Studios Princess Lexi Facesitting Compilation

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