Goddess Foot Domination Lazy Roommate. Starring Nadia

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When she left for work in the morning she asked him to do a few chores around the house because her parents are coming to town this weekend.
When she gets home from work to find him sitting on the couch in the same position he was in when she left, she isn’t happy.
She tells him he is at least going to give her a foot massage after her long day, as she props her feet in his lap.
She demands he take her sweaty heals off her feet and rub her stinky feet.
He resists so much she starts to have fun with him putting her smelly feet on his face.
She continues to laugh and humiliate him as she notices that he got an erection.
She pulls his pants down and strokes his cock slightly as she smothers his face with her bare soles.
She laughs as she pump his cock until he cums.
She then wipes the cum from her hand onto her feet and orders him to lick it off.

Goddess Foot Domination Lazy Roommate. Starring Nadia

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