Goddess Nikki Next starring in video NEVER FORGET THE GOLDEN RULE of DomNation studio

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Domina Nikki Next’s pathetic old fool of a slave is responsible for paying her rent.
A privilege this pitiful excuse of a male should be greatly appreciative of.
What else is he good for? And most importantly, her rent must be paid ON THE FIRST of each month.
Is that too much for a Goddess to ask? Goddess Nikki’s one golden rule for this slug, is to pay her rent ON TIME!! Unfortunately (for him) he is again late with the rent, and Goddess plans on setting things straight.
To reinforce her Golden Rule, Nikki encases her magnificent body in skin tight gold tights and cropped top and then proceeds to put a neat down on his sorry ass.
Nikki wants him underfoot, which is exactly where this worthless slave belongs.
Goddess orders him to the floor and literally uses him as a human floor mat, trampling and digging her gold stilettos deep into his soft, overweight carcass to reinforce her POINT! Nikki then demonstrates her physical dominance over him by placing him in a series of painful wrestling holds.
Her pitiful slave just lays there and takes the pain, too terrified (for good reason) to even try to protect himself.
Scissor holds, arm locks, head locks, full nelsons, and several hard soccer kicks to his testicles for good measure.
Of course his suffering is laughable to Nikki, as he obviously deserves to suffer for being late with the rent.
Even a slave as feeble minded as he will never be late with her rent again.

Goddess Nikki Next starring in video NEVER FORGET THE GOLDEN RULE of DomNation studio

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