Goddess Nova starring in video Stare Into My Eyes My Addicted Gooner, While I Wipe Your Brain Away

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HumiliationPOV introduces our newest Brat, Goddess Nova! Her seductive eyes and sensual voice will take you deep into trance in this very intimate eye contact/mesmerize clip.

We both knew you’d end up here. And we both know that my blue eyes that are staring right into you right now, are your weakness. You can’t look away, you’re caught in my gaze. You love the way it feels when you look into them and completely lose yourself. I want you to stare right into these pretty blue eyes and get lost. You’re going to spiral out of control. Feel your heart begin to race as you jerk your brains away to me, to my eyes, to my voice.

My eyes are a weapon that I use so effortlessly against men like you. It’s so easy to completely take over your mind. All you have to do is stare. I will take your soul, all I have to do is make you look into my eyes and everything else just melts away. And you love every second of it. You need to stare into these blue eyes more than you need to breathe, more than you need to fuck your wife, more than you need to cum. All I want you to do is just stare, look into my eyes and get lost in them. Get lost in the feeling that you get in your cock when you are being seduced by my voice and by my eyes.

My eyes ignite every single cell in your body. You can feel them all the way down to your cock. Feel it pulsate in your hand. My beauty just overpowers you. I have you right where I want you. You know you’re trapped but you can’t look away. You don’t want to. You just want to get lost deeper and deeper into these endless blue eyes. I am breaking you down so easily with my words while you just stare and lose yourself. Stare, stroke and lose yourself. I’m going to make you so addicted to me, to my beauty, and to my words. My words that dance across your skin. I’m pushing all of your buttons, pretty soon you’re just going to be a mindless stroke addict for Miss Nova.

I don’t want you to think, I just want you to goon and sink deeper and deeper for me. You know you want to, you need to. Let them overtake you, let them take you to a place where nothing else matters except but me and my words. You are powerless against me. It’s so easy to seduce you and break you down and mold you into whatever I want you to be. You are a slave to Miss Nova. Repeat it. ‘I am a slave to Miss Nova.’ Good boy. Repeat it over and over as you sink deeper into my blue eyes. Soon my eyes will be the only thing that you can think about. I am planting triggers in your weak brain, reprogramming it so your cock will only get hard to me and my eyes.

I want you to become completely addicted, I want you to forget about everything else. Nothing else matters except falling deeper and deeper for me. Lose yourself for me. Sink deeper. By the time you wake up from this you’re not even going to know your name. The only thing that you will remember is that you need to serve me with every ounce of your soul. Keep going deeper for me. It’s ok to become addicted. It’s ok to be mindless for me. You’re safe as long as you keep staring into my eyes.

Worship and stroke. That’s all you need to do. You are an addicted gooner for my perfect eyes and my powerful beauty. You are trapped in endless bliss. Doesn’t it feel so good to just let go and sink even deeper for me? I know it does. You can’t bare to look away, you need to worship me, you need to be mindless. I am just guiding you down the right path, the path to endless bliss. You’ll never be able to escape me. Now thank me for being so generous and allowing you to sink so deep and become so addicted.

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Goddess Nova starring in video Stare Into My Eyes My Addicted Gooner, While I Wipe Your Brain Away

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