Humiliation POV Edging Mindless Stroking Puppet. Starring Amyleen

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Are you peeking up my skirt, staring at my ass, perv? My ass makes you so horny, it makes you want to jerk when you act like a fucking perv.
Your weak for my ass and weak for my tits.
Just a pathetic, lonely jerker who gets so excited when a hot girl teases him, when a spoiled brat even pays the least bit of attention to you.
I know you’re already stroking so fast for me and I barely had to do anything.
I want you to edge for me.
I want this to be so intense for you.
You’re going to edge until I tell you to cum.
Follow my instructions loser… I want you to stroke fast for five minutes for me.
And if you obey me and cum on my command, I’m going to give you the most amazing orgasm.
But if you fuck up, you’re going to eat your cum, and I’m going to make you stroke, post orgasm, with a mouthful of cum until your dick hurts.
Keep stroking for me as I tease you with my perfect body.
I want you edging until your a mindless, drooling zombie.
Remember, don’t cum until I say.
Feels so good being in this state for me.
Make your cock desperate to cum for me.
Stroke for me, my little stroking puppet.
The more you edge, the more pathetic you become for me.
Is it hard for you to last five minutes, loser? Faster and faster, getting so close to the edge.
But don’t cum just yet… wait for my command, you don’t want my punishment.
I know you want to please your Goddess, so keep stroking like a mindless idiot.
Stroking is the only thing you’re good for.
Now cum for me, cum like a good little puppet.
Feels so good to cum on my command, feels so good to be under my spell.
Controlling your cock and your orgasm is how I control your mind and turn you into my mindless, stroking slave.

Humiliation POV Edging Mindless Stroking Puppet. Starring Amyleen

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