Humiliation POV , Goddess Penelope, Gooning Addicts Are Addicted To Denial, Thats What Makes You A Brainless Gooner

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Goddess Penelope! I know your little routine, you’ve already been gooning and jerking for hours.
So now that you’re already stupid and horny, I want to play a little game of tease and denial with you.
I know your cock is already hard and aching for me, aching for attention, aching for release.
But I’m going to tease and deny that horny cock of yours before I allow any release, and that’s if I do decide to give you release.
I might not lol.
Stroke your hard cock for me.
I want it throbbing in your hand, aching for my instructions.
I know how good it feels right now.
Goon for me.
Now stop.
Lol, is it twitching for me? I love it when your cock twitches and throbs in the air for me, that way I can see how desperate it is for my attention.
This is going to be a cruel game of tease and denial.
I’m going to edge you and make you stop over and over again until your brain is mush and your cock is begging to spurt.
Now stroke it again.
You love this, don’t you? You love the way I tease your cock and you love the way I deny you over and over and over again.
Keep pumping for me.
You know how good it feels and your cock fucking loves it.
You don’t want to stop.
But stop! Awww is it twitching again? Is it getting harder to think? Are you beginning to go braindeåd? I know that’s what tease and denial does to little jerk sluts like you.
Your cock is throbbing because it’s so fucking horny for me.
I love knowing the power and control I have over you with just my words.
Now stroke it again.
Jerk it for Goddess Penelope because you know how good it feels and you know you wanna stroke for my huge tits.
You wanna impress me with that cock that’s so hard for me right now.
You’re going to impress me and goon for hours, aren’t you? Stroking and stroking while you cock throbs for me.
Now stop.
LOL! Look at it, look at your cock, watch it twitch.
It’s so ready to burst.
I know you wanna cum so bad but you’re not allowed because I haven’t given you permission, have I? No, I wanna keep playing this wicked game with you.
Stroke it again.
Edge yourself into that gooning state.
You love denial, you’re addicted to it.
You’re addicted to gooning for hours and hours.
You never wanna cum, do you? No because that feeling of denial is just too good.
Your cock lives for it.
Your cock lives to goon.
You live to goon, you’re addicted to it.
You are.
Keep stroking your cock for me.
Stop stroking.
Am I wicked making your cock throb like this? Making it twitch and ache.
It’s a wicked little game but a game you wanted to play, isn’t that right? Stroke it again, right now your cock belongs to me and you love obeying me.
You love this game.
You don’t ever want it to end.
They’ll be no cumming for you unless you beg for it.
And I know you’re going to start begging.
I don’t really care if you cum or not, I just love watching it twitch and throb for me.
Now stop stroking slut.
This is so fucking wicked but it’s also so fucking hot.
I love knowing that your cock is throbbing for me.
You want to cum so badly but you’re too addicted to denial.
You’re too addicted to edging.
You’re too addicted to this feeling that lasts forever.
And when you cum, it goes, and you have no meaning.
So you don’t want to cum, do you? No, so keep stroking.
Now stop.
LOL! I’m going to have you stroking and stopping over and over again so I can watch your cock throb non-stop.
Stroke it again.
Get to the edge.
Now stop.
I want you to watch this over and over again and keep playing.
There is no end.
Just constant tease and denial.
And I wanna know how many times you watched this through before you blew your load.
But you better not cum because this is a gooning game, not a jerkoff instruction video LOL! Now loop.

Humiliation POV , Goddess Penelope, Gooning Addicts Are Addicted To Denial, Thats What Makes You A Brainless Gooner

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