Humiliation POV VERBAL HUMILIATION Princess Miki Drains And Degrades Her Ass Worshiping Pervert

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Princess Miki! This clip shows her verbal humiliation! Her verbal humiliation in this clip is vicious! He enjoys seeing me dressed up as a schoolgirl.
He is a creepy fucking scum! He is stupid and weak, so I love to tease him.
I pulled up my skirt to show him my perfect sex.
He is a devotee of my sex.
It’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it? It’s so fucking hot.
I tell him that he won’t fuck me.
I don’t mean to fuck someone who has licked my dirty feet.
I don’t like fucking freaks like this.
He’s not a man for me.
I just use him and drain him.
He will never touch my underwear unless he kisses it and worships it.
He’s so lucky I let him do that.
He pays me so much, and I allow him to kiss my genitals and worship me.
He got down on his knees, paid me for my kisses, and then he got up.
He was so grateful lol.
He is so cute under my sex, and I love to kiss it like an idiot.
He is so lucky to be able to see me in this out, and even more fortunate that his lips touched my perfect ass.
The idiot thanked me for the opportunity to touch my perfect ass.
I am a dumb idiot who pays for my antics to be sexy.
This is a great opportunity to make twice as much money.
It will be paid twice by this idiot and again by the idiots who will pay for it lol.
He reminds me again how fortunate he is to be here, worshiping my ass.
He knows that creeps like this don’t deserve the attention I’m giving them right now.
It’s not because I feel bad for him.
I do it because I enjoy degrading him and watching his face change as I take more and better from him.
He is truly a fool.
It is almost too simple to manipulate him and drain his account.
He will pay me to do it for the rest his life.
He’s not a man.
He’s a thing which kisses ass and pays to do so lol.
I asked him to thank me and tell how grateful he was.
He wants to do this so I know he will be a good boy.
He is a spoilt little pervert.
He will do whatever it takes to kiss my genitals.
Fucking idiot.
A lucky fucking idiot lol.
He is in the wrong place.
I love to put him there, below me, and pay me to kiss his sex.
He’s not worthy of pussy.

Humiliation POV VERBAL HUMILIATION Princess Miki Drains And Degrades Her Ass Worshiping Pervert

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