Humiliation POV Watch Me Get Fucked. Starring Megan Foxx

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You like watching me get fucked, don’t you? Cause you know you can’t fuck like a real man.
You could never fuck a girl like me.
You just sit at home and masturbate like a good cuck while I get fucked.
His big cock feels so good inside my pussy.
You know your tiny dick could never please me, that’s why you jerk, because no woman wants that little thing, especially not me, Megan Foxx, a hot porn star.
I can fuck any guy I want, why would I fuck a loser like you!? Watch my stud man handle me.
Watch him fuck me hard as he pulls my hair and makes me scream.
Do you wish it was you fucking me or are you happier just jerking your little cock? You’re nothing but a cuck bitch and you know it! And it turns you so much to see a huge cock go in and out of my pussy.
You can’t fuck anyone cause your dick is so fucking small.
Watch how a real man fucks.
You can’t fuck me like him you fucking small penis loser cuck bitch! You’re so pathetic sitting there masturbating.
Your non existent sex life is watching me getting fucked! How sad is that?! Oh God, his big cock feels so good! You could never fuck me like this! You’d probably cum in two seconds.
Fucking loser! You’ll never fuck a girl like me, you’re lucky I even let you watch.
Watch my huge titties bounce as my stud plows me from behind.
I’m going to verbally humiliate the fuck out of you while I get fucked.
I’m going to destroy what’s left of your fragile male ego while you watch my stud make me cum as I scream in ecstasy.
You’ll never fuck a woman again.
You deserve to be a cuck, locked in chastity for a hot bitch like me.
And that’s all you really want, is to be humiliated by me while I get fucked.
And maybe, if you’re lucky, I’ll let you lick my pussy clean when he’s done.

Humiliation POV Watch Me Get Fucked. Starring Megan Foxx

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