Jasmine and Brandy MEGA Takeover

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Duration: 0:13:09
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One of my customers wanted to raise money to make a Giantess FX Video with Jasmine Mendez and was not able to get enough money to do that so I offered a refund but he asked if I could do a simple Paper City Clip with no FX were she destroys one city, I said OK, Brandy was in the studio for another project so she joined in and I added 3 more cities. So they destroy a total of 4 paper cities in pretty much every way. Please not this video has NO FX, Only reverb on their voices and some low background music. This has 2 camera one for wide shots and one for close up of cities, This has no POV shots. It is a very simple clip but Jasmine and Brandy make up for that with their awesome performance. They are true Giantess Goddesses.

Jasmine and Brandy MEGA Takeover

Jasmine and Brandy MEGA Takeover

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