Lucid Lavender starring in video Mental Chastity, My Words Are Your Chastity Device An Intimate Sensual MindFuck

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Lucid Lavender.
This clip is an example of just what we can do to you over the internet.
Lucid’s words are so powerful.
Her tone so sensual.
This is an experience, one you can get lost in.
One that is very mesmerizing.
She can truly control you with just her words.
You have no idea what you’re in store for.
You think you’re just buying a clip to enjoy, what you’ll find is a very real experience.
The clip is filled with audio and visual triggers and has a very mesmerizing background track.
Today you’re going to let me into your head.
You’re going to give me control over your impulses, your instinct to cum.
Every time you hear the word ‘no’, you’re going to be reminded that you can’t cum unless you have the antidote.
And the only person that has the antidote is me.
And every time you hear the word ‘no’, that’s just another trigger in your brain.
And it’s probably going to be awhile before you can cum again, isn’t it? Yes.
But ‘No’, no you can’t cum.
Don’t even try to goon.
No, no, no, you can’t cum.
Breathe in deeply, find your center, and not the center of your soul, I mean your cock.
Shift all of your awareness to that spot right between your legs.
How does it feel? With each breath you take I want you to focus more on the feeling that’s between your legs.
The tingle, you can feel it starting to grow.
No you can’t cum.
Don’t even try to goon.
Focus your awareness on your cock so much that it takes over your whole body.
That feeling is everything you know.
Now associate that feeling with me, and my voice.
Now make that feeling stronger, feel it pulsate through your entire body.
Feel this energy taking over the whole room.
Make it feel like I’m right there next to you, even though I’m miles and miles away.
Now you can touch.
I didn’t say you couldn’t touch, I only said you won’t be able to cum.
And every time you hear the word no, it’s just an enforcer that I have control over that instinct, that impulse.
It’s not up to you any more.
You bought this clip so you clearly don’t want that control, do you? Do you cum too much, too often, multiple times per day? Sometimes maybe you sneak away during work.
You have to make yourself cum just to get through the rest of your day.
No, you can’t cum.
No matter how much you stroke, you just won’t be able to cum.
You could stroke for hours and hours and be so fucking close, but without my antidote, you just won’t be able to go over the edge.
You’ll will your hand to stop.
I’m right there in your head.
It’s your own submission that’s doing this to you.
I mean I can’t really do anything to you that you don’t want for yourself.
Really I’m just a wonderful conduit for your fetish.
So no matter how much you try, you just won’t be able to.
It’s pretty much as good as having a padlock on your cock.
Clicked shut.
And then not having the key to release it.
There’s no chance for release.
No hope for you.
Unless I allow it.
‘Please Mistress, make me not able to cum.
Please I’m begging you.’ No, you can’t cum.
Don’t even try to goon.
You can’t cum.
Do you know what makes my power stronger? It’s you.
But not just you, it’s every single one of you, feeding into my power.
You buy my clips, send me emails and actually obeying everything that I tell you to do.
It just increases my power.
Now some of you might be buying this clip because you need the help not to cum.
You need some Goddess to tell you not to.
But more likely, you’re just a horny boy at home, and you’re just looking for some fun to keep your occupied.
But now you know you’re in deep, you got more than you anticipated.
But you bought this clip so you must want it, you want to give me that control.
And every time you hear the word ‘no’ as you go about your normal life, you’re going to think of me.
And you’re going to think of how you don’t have the power to make yourself cum.
Every time you hear the word ‘no’, you’ll be reminded that I have your cock under lock and key.
I have your cum locked away.
That you just can’t no matter how hard you try.
Unless of course you have the antidote, unless I give it to you.
Because I’m the only one who has it.
Maybe I will, but I’ll draw it out for a long time.
I’ll make you hear many, many ‘No’s’, before I actually let you do that again.
But just think of how amazing it will feel when you’re finally able to release again.
When you hold back for weeks, when you finally get that release it’s more powerful.
So let’s try it out and see how long you can go without popping.
You’re going to find that the closer you get, the more the concept controls you.
It’s mental chastity.
You don’t even need to be wearing a cage.
You still can’t cum.
It’s like I am your chastity device.
Do you like the sound of that? What a feeling that is.
How contained you must feel right now, without any chastity device.
Just your own mind and the power I have over you.
You can’t cum.

Lucid Lavender starring in video Mental Chastity, My Words Are Your Chastity Device An Intimate Sensual MindFuck

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