Mistress Iside Sauna Foot Worship

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Just before taking a relaxing sauna, I definitely need a tongue to massage my feet.
My slave will have to work hard to satisfy me and after sliding his tongue between my soft fingers he will have to concentrate directly on the soles of his feet.
With large and circular movements licking directly with the tip of the tongue until you reach the bottom and reach the heel.
It is so enjoyable and relaxing ….
just what I needed.
But now it’s time to pamper my big toe ….
my order is to start slowly and then proceed more and more decisively ….
I want to savor every single moment of my pleasure … and now that mine personal slave is completely enraptured by my ecstasy and begins to thank me with great devotion … This is definitely a moment that I never imagined to live ….
But every now and then, when I diie, good things … happen !!! Category: FOOT WORSHIP Related Categories: FOOT DOMINATION, FOOT SLAVE TRAINING, FOOT MASSAGE, FOOT HUMILIATION, FOOT FETISH.

Mistress Iside Sauna Foot Worship

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