Olivia Rose Fetish Slave Breath Punishment

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Olivia walks into her bedroom to find her new slave just napping soundly on her bed.
He knows he is not supposed to be on it, that he is to rest elsewhere.
She decides to punish him, by making it very difficult for him to breathe.
She jumps on top of him and straddles his face, placing all her weight directly on his head.
He wakes up and struggles realizing what is going on.
She lets him up to chastise him about his disobedience and rule breaking.
She sternly talks to him, scooting back till his face is right in her crotch.
She starts plugging his nose and slapping his face.
He will learn! She gets up and turns around putting all her weight on his body and making it even more difficult to breath.
His arms are flailing from the lack of oxygen, and when she gets up he is bright red.
She then slaps him and holds his face making a point of punishing him, that this isn’t fun and games and she is actually controlling her anger as much as she can.
She sits back down reaching back and slaps his dick a few times making him jump.
She then sits on his face until he for a few seconds, enjoying him struggle under her big booty.
She then makes him get off the bed and go to his cage.

Olivia Rose Fetish Slave Breath Punishment

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