Olivia Rose – Shrunken fan models meal

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Whitney Morgan and I are hanging out in my hotel room, catching a breather from our very hectic convention schedule. It has been a long few days, and we have a few more days to go. We start chatting about fan interactions and how awkward it can be when we get a distinct feeling that someone is watching us. We start looking around to make sure there’s no camera hidden in the room when we spot him.

There has been a tiny little man watching us this whole time! After toying with him, we finally deduce that he is a huge nerd who shrunk himself down at the convention to be able to get inside girls’ rooms and happens to be fans of Giantess work. We tease and taunt him with our beautiful feet and pantyhosed legs. We decide that stomping him out wouldn’t be as fun as if we were to eat him. I know Whitney is super hungry and hasn’t eaten, so I offer up him as a snack for her. She licks and tastes him with her long tongue, getting spit all over him before finally dropping him in her mouth for a quick meal! What a lucky little guy to be swallowed whole and get to spend his final moments in Miss Whitney’s stomach to digest!

Olivia Rose - Shrunken fan models meal

Olivia Rose – Shrunken fan models meal

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