Sadistic Lucy EXTREME DOMINATION Extreme no mercy caning with head in the toilet

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We’ve just replaced the toilet, which means we’ve got an old one in the middle of the yard.
The perfect place for my slaves head to rest while I give his ass a serious beating with my cane.
I go full on mentalist on his ass, every stroke, full power.
Every stroke landing perfectly on his ass with the intention of causing him maximum pain and suffering.
You can hear his moans and groans coming from the old stinky toilet as he takes my caning.
I turn his ass from white to red very quickly, and shortly he starts to leak the red stuff! It’s a beautiful sign to see a slaves ass leaking for me! I carry on thrashing away at his leaking ass, while it runs down the back of his leg and drips on the floor.
I like to make punishments as difficult to take as possible, and I know that rapid caning is the hardest to handle.
I write my name on his back with his own juices, branding him with his own stuff! My cane is covered in the red stuff by the end of this clip! SERIOUSLY EXTREME FULL CANING! Sadistic Lucy, Lucy Kemp Playboy, British Femdom, British Female Domination, British Mistress, English Mistress, English Femdom, English Female Domination.
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Sadistic Lucy EXTREME DOMINATION Extreme no mercy caning with head in the toilet

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