Sexy Sadistic Sophie Double Facestanding and Brutal Trampling Trampling

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Lot of brutal facestanding, sicking heels deep into body and long painful standing wth all my body weight.
I was merciless and wanted my slave to scream in agony.
That’s why today I started from torturing his head and face.
He was crying but I love when he do that… so I pushed stronger and pressed to the floor using all my power! I enjoyed every second of destroying his face but I knew I’m wearng very sharp heels – so I started to torture his body and pathetic tiny dick.
It was very painful for him, the more he was eating just before, so he was really full and my steps were triple harder to stand! It was hard to keep the balance but it only caused I needed to pushed more.
My favourite part was sticking my heels deep int his body, I did it not once not twice but definitely much more.
Everytime I’ve heard a terrible moan so at the end I needed to shut him down a little.
I walked along his body and decided to stand at his face once again, this time even for longer.
I was pressing my heels into his skin to punish this loser.
My platforms were very uncomfortable for him, I have heard something is breaking in his jaw.

Sexy Sadistic Sophie Double Facestanding and Brutal Trampling Trampling

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