The Mean Girls Kicking the Cash Out of It. Starring Goddess Asia

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There is little more fun than taking cold hard cash from a slave.
But making the stupid ugly thing pay Me each time I kick it in it’s miserable face or head, is an even bigger thrill.
This sad thing is so desperate for any attention from any of Us, that it literally paid Me over $500 to simply kick it’s head and face over and over and over again.
HOW FUCKING PATHETIC IS THAT??? My perfect little feet smash into this loser’s face and head, and it coughs up another $20 each and every time.
Watch Me make this loser agree to go into permanent debt to be kicked in the face by Me.
All just for the honor of My perfect feet destroying it’s face, and any little bit of self-esteem it had left.
Sorry loser, you’re nothing except a wallet and “kicking-bag” to Me.
And once your little wallet is drained and rinsed of all it’s resources, you get kicked aside until it’s replenished.
(And as an extra bonus, check out how this loser’s face looked at the end when it’s nose finally gave way after one of My last kicks… Boooo hoooo bitch boi, not My Problem…) Goddess Asia Category: FEMALE DOMINATION Related Categories: FACEBUSTING, FETISH, FACE SLAPPING, FOOT HUMILIATION, KICKING.

The Mean Girls Kicking the Cash Out of It. Starring Goddess Asia

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