The Mean Girls yr-old Princesses Jessica Kayla Princess Beatdown

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Princess Kayla likes just BEATING ON slaves- with her own two hands…and feet…and legs…and whatever else she can use. So in this part of the series she shows Princess Jessica how she can just beat on this slave however she wants.
She punches him, slaps him in the face, him, takes him to the floor, & chokes him with a leglock scissor hold while Princess Jessica decides to “help out” by stepping up onto the slave’s body in her heels. Then she kicks the heels off and the much smaller Jessica says that she can choke the slave out better than Kayla with alot less effort! so Kayla lets the slave out of her strong legs- and Princess Jessica simply walks up the length of his body in her sexy black patterned nylons and casually steps right onto the slave’s neck! This goes on for awhile, with one foot on the neck and the other on the slave’s face. Then Jessica steps up onto the slave’s face with BOTH feet! Just for her own amusement…?
Then the girls drag the slave over to the wall so they can balance and begin getting REALLY! Princess Jessica is standing on it’s face in her stockings while Princess Kayla (standing 6 feet tall & weighing over 150lbs!) begins JUMPING UP AND DOWN on the slave’s stomach! She stamps her feet over & over into its gut while Jessica just remains standing on its face, looking down at the Kayla is doing and LAUGHING! It is as if she doesnt even realize she is standing on its FACE under her feet…
Then Princess Jessica takes her turn to “jump around on it” while Princess Kayla is stuffing Her size 10 foot into its mouth and slapping it across the face with her foot- showing TOTAL disrespect for the loser!
Physical and emotional disrespect all at once- this is what happens when you turn on a camera, throw a slave at the feet of 2 truly sadistic, and say “its a slave- beat it up however you want”…



The Mean Girls  yr-old Princesses Jessica  Kayla   Princess Beatdown
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